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Jennifer Secrist Goran

Jennifer began her tribal bellydance training in San Francisco in 1989 with well known American Tribal Style® founder, instructor and performer Carolena Nericcio, director of FatChanceBellyDance® Jennifer was immediately impressed by the presence and poise of the instructor and by the powerful, organic feel of the dance. Occasionally, Jennifer tried her hand (or hip, as it were) with other talented belly dance instructors specializing in Raqs Sharqi, but, she knew her first love was with the form and aesthetic of American Tribal Style®. To this day she remains a loyal student of Carolena's and still enjoys studying with her when in the Bay Area (full bio under instructor's profile)



Rosie Moceri
Assistant Director

In 2004 Rosie moved to Boulder to attend Naropa University. After graduating and settling in to her new school free Boulder life she decided to look up one of her first dance loves.. belly dance. After researching more into the tribal forms, Rosie discovered Jennifer's classes and she was quickly hooked. In fact, one of her first questions was 'how do I get into the advanced class?' Her keen sense of poise, technique, musicality, improvisational phrasing along with her compassionate and grounded personality make her a favorite among students, fellow dancers and audience members alike (full bio under instructor's profile)

Anna Hermann

Principle Troupe Member

Anna found her love of dance in the summer of 2006 during the eclectic Boulder Creek Festival. Watching Tribe Nawaar take the stage, she became immediately entranced by the poise of the dancers and was determined to branch out of her comfort zone by signing up for one drop-in class. Eight years later, she is proud to still dance with Tribe Nawaar. She is honored to have the opportunity to assist in creative direction and teach classes every so often. And most importantly, she looks forward to being involved with the many performances yet to come (full bio under instructor's profile)


Stephanie Maes

Super chill, super awesome... we love Stephanie! Voted most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse and keep us smiling with her wicked sense of humor


Dr. Jenn

Dr. Jenn had studied a variety of belly dance forms before joining up with Tribe Nawaar. She envisions a world where unicorns and princesses battle for world domination


Lori Huml

Lori has always loved dance of many forms. Bellydance was always in the back of her mind as a dance she wanted to learn, but thought “I don’t know if I can, maybe someday”. In 2008 after beating cancer, she visited a friend in Utah. While there, they went to an outside fair where, she watched a group of beautiful women perform, and it was love at first sight! Lori’s friend turned to her and said,”I could totally see you doing this”. It was this moment that cemented and changed her idea from” I don’t know if I can”, to, “I want and am going to do this”


Mirav Levy

Mirav's middle name is Salome... for reals! We think she was born to be a belly dancer. Born in Miami from Cuban-Israeli descent she always admired Middle Eastern culture and wanted to keep a connection to it. She decided one night to be brave and try a belly dance class. The class proved life changing and now she is embarking a lifelong serious study of belly dance. Belly dance helped her become more in tune with her body and is serving as a way to balance out her spinal disorder. She hopes to share her personal experiences and knowledge with others who are also going through the same thing. She has been dancing since 2010 and at this yet-baby stage of dance, Mirav has danced for 3 troupes, and has performed solos on stage and in restaurants. She joined Tribe Nawaar in 2013 as part of her pursuit to study tribal fusion, and feels that American Tribal Style® is the root and history of what has become American belly dance! She hopes that one day she can take constant trips to the Middle East to learn more. When she is not obsessed with belly dance, she is playing video games, eating cupcakes and learning how to sew and how to speak Arabic and Hebrew

Shannon Szameitat

Shannon has been dancing in some form or another since she was a toddler. Shortly after moving to Boulder in 2005, she felt the pull of dance once more. She came to belly dance and American Tribal Style® through Lisa Goodrich, which eventually led her join Tribe Nawaar. Shannon is deeply appreciative of the sense of community and joyousness that ATS® provides and is honored to be a member of Tribe Nawaar


Lisa Bradley

As a dancer, choreographer, dance/movement therapist, and an embodied dance/movement facilitator, Lisa is continually invested spiritually, physically, and emotionally in the expression, communication, and artistry of the body. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Dance Choreography and Performance in 2007. In 2011, she obtained a Masters of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychology; Dance/Movement Therapy. Currently, she continues to develop her business in facilitating Embodied Dance while exploring the empowerment, pose, and sensuality of Tribal Belly Dance, studying American Tribal Style® with Jennifer Secrist Goran and Tribe Nawaar. Not only does she feel blessed to be dancing with such a wonderful group of individuals, but is also incredibly happy to be an employee of the Tribe Nawaar Marketplace



(on hiatus)

Lothlorien has studied a large variety of dance styles and has earned the title of 'Dance Junkie' among her fellow dancers. Her lifelong studies show in her elegance and soft precision in technique


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