Princess Farhana's DVDs
A fabulous collection of DVDs from the creative genius of world famous belly dancer, best selling author and punk rock icon, Pleasant Gehman (aka Princess Farhana), who is as talented as she is entertaining! All DVDs come shrink wrapped in the original cases to ensure their authenticity

Tribe Nawaar Princess Farhana Bombshell DVD dramatic make up for the stage, photos & glamourous occasions Stage Makeup How To DVD Tribal Belly Dance Make Up Tutorial

Dramatic Make Up For The Stage, Photos & Glamourous Occasions
With Princess Farhana & DeVilla

This two-disc set features over three hours of easy to understand instruction, enabling you to create a variety of gorgeous looks for live and filmed performances, photo shoots and parties. You'll learn cosmetic techniques for everything from building a flawless base to shading and contouring, from user-friendly false eyelash application to theatrical fantasy effects. There are eight different looks presented step-by-step so you can follow along including the popular 'Smokey Eyes', 'Classic Pin-Up', 'Arabic Eyes' and 'Silent Movie Star'. The models are real women dancers of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and with wildly varied features, so there's truly something for everyone!

Princess Farhana comes from a life long dance, theater and film background, and DeVilla is a dancer who's also been a Hollywood make up artist for over twenty years. Their techniques and methods are very different, but the end result is the same.. simply stunning!

3 hours 11 minutes


Tribe Nawaar Princess Farhana Fan-Tastic DVD Instructional DVD For Fan Dancing In Belly Dance


Fabulous Fan Dancing With Princess Farhana

For centuries, dancers the world over have mastered the power and allure of performing with fans.. and now you can learn to add a FAN-tastic new dimension to your repetoire! Princess Farhana teaches introductory technique for hand fans, specialty fans and Sally Rand style feather plume extravaganzas

Featured on this DVD: single and double fan manipulations; dramatic entrances, poses and body frames; sweeps and turns; plus theatrical technique for Burlesque, Flamenco and Asian-influenced movements perfect for fusion with Oriental Dance. Also included: a variety of fans and their uses; tips on care and repair, decoration, travel and storage; plus costumed performances by Princess Farhana

112 minutes


Tribe Nawaar Princess Farhana Veil Obedience School DVD How To Become A Material Girl Belly Dance Veil Dance Instructional DVD

Veil Obedience School

How To Become A Material Girl

Is your veil getting the best of you? Hey, it's only a piece of cloth. It's time your veil learned who the boss is! Princess Farhana will demonstrate technique for lovely veil entrances, exits, beautiful framing and drapes, pretty spins and some cool 'old school' veil wraps, as well as how to use a veil and finger cymbals at the same time. Also included: tips on veil care, a variety of different types of veils and their uses, plus two dramatically different costumed performances by Princess Farhana

"Princess Farhana is intelligent, articulate and an excellent communicator. As a teacher, she has the unique ability to break down movement in a way the student will understand" ~Zahra Zuhair, master teacher and performer

62 minutes


Tribe Nawaar Princess Farhana's Twin Blades DVD Sword Work With A Partner Belly Dance Instructional DVD

Twin Blades

Sword Work With A Partner
Featuring Princess Farhana & Samra

Princess Farhana is known for her grace, fluidity and precision while dancing with balanced props. On this dynamic DVD Farhana and partner Samra will guide you through the basics of performing sword work with two or more dancers

Covered in the DVD: Sword Transfers, and Pass-Offs, Floor Slides, Ascents and Descents, The Dynaics of Partnering Technique and Safety Tips. You will learn a full choreography broken down in clear easy to understand segments, complete with written notes. DVD concludes with a demonstration of the choreography in a costumed performance by Samra and Princess Farhana

37 minutes


Tribe Nawaar Princess Farhana's Raks Al Sayf DVD Advanced Sword Technique And Choreography Belly Dance Instructional DVD

Raks Al Sayf
Advanced Sword Technique & Choreography

Take your sword work to a higher level! Princess Farhana's comprehensive teaching style and easy to follow directions will illuminate the intricacies of combining balancing with advanced movements. Featured on this DVD is technique such as undulations, layered shimmies, arabeques, and floor work (including splits) all done while balancing swords. Also covered: a full warm up, advanced choreography with a step by step breakdown, costuming and performance safety tips, concluding with a demonstration of the choreography in a costumed perfomance by Princess Farhana

"I LOVE Princess Farhana's videos! She teaches with wit, talent, originality and respect for the ancient roots of our dance. As an experienced dancer, Farhana imparts invaluable information for dancers of any level who're hungry for more. Her methods are tried-and-true, easily adaptable for groups or soloists, clearly explained and demonstrated. I endorse them for dancers of any genre.." -Kajira Djoumahna

78 minutes


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