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We are proud to be an authorized reseller for Gypsy Caravan's DVDs! Under director Paullette Rees-Denis, this dynamic troupe has a well earned reputation for innovative improvisational steps, quality video productions and a fun, ecclectic style!

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Tribe Nawaar Gypsy Caravan Bellydance Instructional Tribal Bellydance DVD ITS Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance ATS Instruction Tribal Technique Vol 2

Tribal Technique Vol. 2

This video is a continuation of techniques from Tribal Technique Volume 1. It covers several basic steps with more advanced movements of this tribal style of bellydance. They also include several demonstrations with repetitions and transitions for you to practice along or on your own. Closes with a short performance by the Gypsy Caravan dancers!
Approximately 1 hour.

DVD includes these steps: Double Maya, Egyptian Takseem, Pestle, 1/2 Hip Circle, Small Corkscrew, Ghawazee Accent, Single Hip Bump Variations, Arabic Hip Twist, Egyptian Basic with 1/2 turns

Tribe Nawaar Gypsy Caravan Bellydance Instructional Tribal Bellydance DVD ITS Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance ATS Instruction Tribal Technique Vol 6 Tribal Styling

Tribal Technique Vol. 6; Tribal Styling

Continuing on their dance path, Gypsy Caravan explores the evolutionary aspects of Tribal Bellydance. This DVD will give you a taste of the fusion of improvisational belly dance with Indian and Spanish stylings. Includes a warm-up, technique sections with practice sessions and a live performance clip.
58 minutes

DVD includes these steps:
Indian Styling Steps: Prayer Hands, Head Glide with Ghawazee, Yin Yang, Happiness, Moon Turn, Indian Hip Drop with 1/4 Turn Hip Circles, Wrap Turn

Spanish Styling Steps: Wrist Circle Accents, Hip Bump Skirt Lift Combo, Skirt Swish with 1/4 Turns, Shimmy with Skirts, Turkish with Skirts, Knee Slap Combo


Tribe Nawaar stocks Gypsy Caravan's DVD Tribal Techniques #9: Tribal Grooves & Combos

Tribal Technique Vol. 9; Tribal Grooves & Combos

Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company bring more advanced combos and steps to add into your group improvisational dance form! With a warm-up, an instructional and two practice sessions, you will find joy with these dynamic and function steps with variations on moves from previous Gypsy Caravan DVDs. Joining Paulette on this DVD are Cinzia Di Cioccio and her troupe dancers from Les Soeurs Tribales- Samantha Santagostino and Denise Forte

DVD includes these steps: Single Hip Bump Combo, Traveling Single Hip Bump Combo, Arabic Shimmy, Arabic Hip Hop, Arabic Hip Twist, #3 Combo, Arabic #4 Combo, Kick Drop Combo, The Rideout, Cammi's Turkish, African Egyptian


Tribe Nawaar stocks Gypsy Caravan's DVD Tribal Techniques #10: Snappy Intermediate Combos, Turns & Partnering Ideas DVD

Tribal Technique Vol. 10; Snappy Intermediate Combos, Turns & Partnering Ideas
~ONLY 1 Remains!~

Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company continue to build on their ever growing repertoire of tribal bellydance moves with new intermediate steps and partnering combos, ideal for group improvisation. As always, they incude a warm-up, technique instruction, and several drilling sessions for you to work on the steps and the transitions, along with a few moves from past DVDs. There is a short and inspiring interview with Nina and Paulette. Sienna joins in for the practice session

DVD includes these steps: Directional Shimmy Combo, Salsa Step, Propeller Turn, Triangle Pestle, Hip Offering Combo (With Arabic Box), Heel Drop Combo.. plus these partner moves: Alternating Arabic, Shimmy Around, Orbt One, Orbit Two


Tribe Nawaar stocks Gypsy Caravan's DVD Tribal Techniques #11: Connection With The Earth & Each Other

Tribal Technique Vol. 11; Connection With The Earth & Each Other

Greetings from Italy as we take tribal global! On this DVD Cinzia, Amanda and Paulette bring you twelve new ideas and steps to add to your tribal repertoire! Combining some line formations, with the earthy quality of the steps gives you many inspiring moves for that funky and fabulous tribal style inprovisation for your and your circle of dancers! All of the Gypsy Caravan DVDs are sequential to help you build on your steps with comfort and skill. Enjoy the warm up, the technique section, along with several drilling sessions, and get your tribal groove on! A lively discussion at the end about the power of tribal to get you thinking and dancing

DVD includes these steps: Honoring The Earth (taking up space), Honoring The Sky, Arabic 5, Shoulder Drop Combo, Double Hip Bump Combo, Swivel Step, The Huntress, Arabic Rotation Combo, Tunisian Twist, Low Five, High Five, Moroccan Box


Tribe Nawaar Gypsy Caravan Bellydance Instructional Tribal Bellydance DVD ITS Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance Tribal Travels 'A Collage' Documentary Video Paulette Rees-Denis Christopher Ritchie Film

Tribal Travels- A Collage

Paulette Rees-Denis presents a film by Christopher Ritchie

Welcome to the world of tribal bellydance told through the hips and hands of Gypsy Caravan.
They weave you through strands of their journey of dance and music with evocative and sensual performances—in intimate restaurants and in large productions. Join this celebration of life through rhythms, melodies and movement with an eclectic tribe of dancers and musicians from Portland, Oregon as they travel on their own pilgrimage of passion, ritual, obsession and art. With discussions about their dance, teaching and performing, to song creations, experience what being with Gypsy Caravan is like for these entertainers. An in depth look at their journey spanning over two years, 2002-2004, follow these nomadic musical storytellers, inspired by the ancient traditions of different cultures, as they fuse their collective vision to create this evolving cultural and visual collage.
91 minutes

"The Giza Academy Awards would like to congratulate Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan for winning our award for the best HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY OF A TROUPE with your video, Tribal Travels: A Collage."


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