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Colleena Shakti

Tribe Nawaar Colleena Shakti Odissi Classical Indian Dance Tribungi Stepping Volume 2 Instructional Dance DVD Tribal Fusion Inspirational Dance Style Guru Padma Cheran Dehuri Devotional Dance Sacred Dance Traditional Dance

Odissi Classical Indian Dance; Tribungi Stepping - Volume 2
With Colleena & Guru Padma Cheran Dehuri

Odissi dance is an expressive classical dance that takes one thru the fullest range of emotions. This devotional dance has been passed on from guru to disciple for over 2,000 years, making it the oldest known temple dance still in practice. Originating in the temples of Orissa (East India) and was performed as an offering and means of worship and personal surrender. This style of classical Indian dance is praised for having distinctly feminine postures, with exaggerated hip curvatures and graceful movements of the torso

This DVD includes:

-A brief history of Odissi classical dance
-Two prayers to use at the beginning of your dance practice
-Three bonus chapters on isolated body movements
-Tribungi 1-10 stepping exercises w/ breakdown of steps into upper body & lower body
-A live performance section with clips from The Pushkar Temple Dance Festival 2008

Jill Parker
Jill Parker DVD Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Instructional DVD Jills Drills Ultra Gypsy Founder

Jill's Drills
BellyDance Technique & Drills

The much anticipated debut instructional DVD from Jill Parker, an award winning belly dancer, master teacher, choreographer, and founder of the modern tribal fusion belly dance movement. She has over two decades of belly dance experience, is an original member of FatChanceBellyDance®, founder of Ultra Gypsy and director of Foxglove Sweethearts

Over 2 hours of instruction and conditioning exercises, seamlessly blends vintage and contemporary belly dance concepts. Jill has an exceptional gift for demystifying this sensuous form, making her technique accessible to beginners, while offering tremendous insight and refinement for experienced dancers

Disc #1 includes: Warm-up, Technique breakdown on the following: Shimmies + Up Hips, Arms, Slinky & Stylized Folklore, Vintage + Classic Favorites

Disc #2 includes: Dancing Drills (with breakdown & without), Improv Performance by Jill to Filastine's "Splinter Faction Delight", plus a thought provoking discussion with Onça O'Leary (Future of Traditions) & Marta Vizueta-Bohorquez (Danza Jonda)

2 Disc Set: 152 minutes

Amel Tafsout
Tribe Nawaar Amel Tafsout Folkloric Performance DVD Devotional Dance Sacred Dance Traditional Dance

Amel Tafsout in Performance

A collection of some of Amel Tafsout's greatest performances with examples of many of the North African traditional and contemporary Maghreb Dance she is so well known for. Also indcluded are examples of Moroccan Shaabi, Algerian Shaabi, Abdoui, Andalousian Zendali scarf dance, Rai, the energetic Tunisian horse dance
and poetic mime.. a great inspiration for modern and folkloric belly dancers alike!

1. Introduction
2. Selected Early Concert Dances
3. "Holy Smoke, Holy Harmonies" - Moroccan Shaabi
4. "The Late Show" - Berber Abdaoui Dance
5. Where Africa Meets the Orient - Ritual Story to Drumming Solo
6. Santa Cruz 1996 - Song - Sidi Mansour
7. Santa Cruz 1998 - Candle Light Dance / Algerian Shaabi / Drum Solo
8. Oasis Dance Camp - Nayali and Mime
9. Oasis Dance Camp - Berber Blues
10. Spirit of the Tribes - Andalusian Scarf Dance and Rai Interpretation
11. Women of Algiers - Dusseldorf 2003
12. Orientalia Festival - Horse Dance
13. Oasis Dance Camp - Dance and Emotions
14. Festival of Oriental Dance - Interpretation of "Majunun Leyla"
15. Amel Tafsout in Performance - Credits - "Sans Etiquette" Dance Festival UK



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