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The Dancing Cymbalist How To Play Finger Cymbals Book Available Thru Tribe Nawaar

The Dancing Cymbalist
The most in-depth zil instruction book we've seen!

Learn how to dance and expressively play finger cymbals with Middle Eastern dancer/percussionist, Jenna Woods. Whether you are a dancer or percussionist looking to add zils (aka finger cymbals or sagat) to their repetoire or a seasoned player looking to add a larger vocabulary, dynamic expression, drama or more in depth understanding of zils and their history, this book is a must have resouce! 186 pages complete with easy to follow charts and pictures.

In this book you will be guided thru:
-Choosing a set of finger cymbals for tone, pitch, tuning, character & venue
-Getting the best sound out of any set
-Improving your sense of time & rhythm
-Learning rhythms more easily
-Improving speed & coordination
-Playing 23 techniques with 6 kinds of variations
-Finding & pushing your Edge in any direction
-Meditating with the sound of finger cymbals
-Improvising & play solos
-Magnifying the power of group unison
-Playing creatively with other musicians
and much more!


Tribal Style Headdress & Makeup Booklet Folkwear Pattern Available Thru Tribe Nawaar


Tribal Style Headdress & Makeup Booklet

Carolena Nericcio, ATS founder and director of FatChanceBellyDance, shows you how to transform your everyday look into a sensational presence that is both lush and expressive.

With step-by-step tips and photographs, you will learn how to master stage makeup techniques and how to build and decorate an impressive head wrap. 11 full color pages!


Art Of Mehandi Book How To Book For Henna Step By Step Henna Guide Available Thru Tribe Nawaar


Art of Mehandi Book

Teach yourself how to create beautiful, traditional henna art designs with this indispensable book!

This 80 page guidebook takes you step by step through a large variety of Mehandi designs for hands and feet. Additional designs projects are laid out for free hand work which can be applied around navel, arms and thighs. Use these same design ideas for painting crafts, furnishings, etc.

Try these designs on our dye-able cholis found on our costuming page!!



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