Jeweled Tribal Belts
Beautiful on stage and off, these jeweled belts accent movements
and add color and interest to any ensemble!

Tribe Nawaar Tribal Belly Dance Kuchi Choker Style Jeweled Belt Eclectic Ethnic Chic Design Bohemian Gypsy Belt

Choker Style Kuchi Jeweled Belt; Circles

Multicolored round 'jewels' accented with pink and green rhinestones are set into antique silver choker fitting. Attached to a black fabric base for comfort and grip that is adorned with green and red beads along top edge. Belled falls accent movement with their melodic tone. Ornamental belt section measures 28 1/2" long by 1 1/8" tall (3 1/4" tall with belled falls). Total length is 56" with black cotton ties


Tribe Nawaar Tribal Bellydance Belt Kuchi Jeweled Double Row Tiered Design Eclectic Ethnic Chic Design Bohemian Gypsy Belt

Double Kuchi Jeweled Belt

Fuchsia, blue & green accents set onto a newer silver kuchi 'coin' pendants layered two down. Ball and chain falls on lower pendants accent movement with their melodic tone. Ornamental belt section measures 32 1/2". Total length is 46" with black cotton ties


Tribe Nawaar Odissi Belt Traditional Indian Dance Belt Eclectic Ethnic Chic Design Bohemian Gypsy Belt

Odissi Belt

Classic Odissi style jeweled belt in bright silver tone with a black cable base. Ornamental section is approximately 5" tall and 34" long. Total length with ties is approximately 63". All new materials

Check out the matching necklace, too!


Jeweled Belts; Tips & Tricks
~Adding Length~

Have you ever struggled with finding a traditional tribal jeweled belt that matches your upper hip measurements?

Most Kuchi jeweled belts come in the 40-50" range with about 32-34" of that being adorned with with jeweled pendants and the like. For a few lucky dancers this is the perfect range, leaving just enough length for tying. For some dancers, however, this length is a bit too short

To remedy this we have come up with a few tricks & tips to get the perfect look every time.

Here are a few of our favorite solutions:

Tribe Nawaar Modern Silver & Red Toned Romantic Belly Dance Belt Eclectic Ethnic Chic Design Bohemian Gypsy Belt

1. Tie the belt to one side and tuck your skirt over the gap

2. Tie the belt in the front and pin one of our tribal necklaces to the front of the gap. Tuck any loose ties under the black string of the belt.

3. You can also add pendants, coins or other embellishments to the plain black tie section to give you a longer fully ornamented belt, customized to your specific length

4. When a belt and necklace combo aren't quite long enough, we will take 2 jeweled belts and merge them into one larger belt by tying them on each side at the desired length

5. If #4 above is too long: splice and sew the belts together at a practical point on one side and leave the other side as an end that can be tied (note: any left over belt bits from the splicing can be used in other costuming applications such as headbands, anklets, armbands, etc)

6. For choker style jeweled belts many of our anklets are a great option to close any gaps in length

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