This Month's Featured Treasures:

Ribbon Trimmed Skirts & Friends... these fun skirts are hypnotizing during spins and have a great weight for skirt work! Priced as low as $49/quantity - $59/each

Purple Grape Ribbon Trimmed Skirt

Clementine Ribbon Trimmed Skirt

Arctic White Ribbon Trimmed Skirt

Electric Cherry Ribbon Skirt

Purple 3/4 Sleeve Lace Choli

Tangerine Sutra Top

White Drop Sleeve Premium Choli

Red Rajasthani Choli Top

Silver Sword With Purple Velvet Sheath

A dramatic prop for a variety of styles

Arabian Travels CD compilation featuring Arabic inspired pop music

DIY: Traditional Tribal Coin Bundles

~Only $17~

Kuchi Red Beaded Necklaces